Thanks!!!! And, once again...I have learned from you!!! You are my photo hero and mentor! I would NOT be this capable without you! I think of Alaska and my photo shoots with you often!
~Tracey Taylor, Farmington, NM
Todd, I can't thank you enough for all the support and tips you've given me throughout the last year! As I grow as a youth photographer, I cant help but think of you. You're such a big inspiration to me and I can't thank you enough! 
- Emaree Nester
Last Fall I met Todd for a lesson focusing on water shots, different types of focus in varying situations, and animal photography. We met at Devils Den State Park which was perfect to shoot water falls, freezing water droplets and also milky water shots. Todd was very familiar with my camera and showed me the various focus settings and when to use them. He also went over shutter speed and f-stop settings for still and action shots, integrating time of day, sunlight, etc. My time was over quickly and topics were thoroughly covered. Todd gave sufficient time for each subject based on how quickly I grasped the content. I feel like I've retained most of the topics and have put them in practice since. Well worth the time and money! 
I met Todd in Alaska! A Great photography Teacher! The way he choose the best spot, his sensitivity and simplicity and his huge patience, gave me skills and self confidence to take stunning photos! He is an Amazing soul who can feel The Beauty of Nature! Thanks Todd.
~Veronica Rapp
Todd Whetstine is not only a remarkable photographer; he is also master teacher. In the few hours I was privileged to spend with him, I learned to be much more comfortable with my camera and a better photographer. He showed me multiple things that I could do to make my photo’s better with his gentle, on point feedback. It is my hope that I get a future opportunity to work with Todd.
I live in Mirosuri. I have known Todd and his photography talents for several years. I am his biggest fan while he shoots the most amazing photos in Alaska. His love for nature, animals and landscapes should put him on the payroll of National Geographic. 
I met Todd with my first small digital camera from Walmart not knowing much except that I like taking photos. Todd thought I had an "eye" for the shot and proceeded to give me pointers. He encouraged me to push myself, to learn and not get discouraged. He is an amazing and understandable teacher. I took a learning trip out to his place and it was an amazing learning experience. I walked away with usable knowledge quickly. I truly believed Todd Whetstine has an incredibly prestigious reputation. Thank you Todd for being my teacher. I implore ANYONE with a love for photography and the taste for learning... GIVE HIM A CALL... HE ALWAYS HAS TIME TO TEACH....this photo is the first close up he taught me.
~Gail Attanasio
"Fabulous photography outing, we had a great time getting to see Alaskan wildlife up close and personal. Todd is an excellent guide and gave lots of tips on how to improve my photography. Can't wait to go back to AK and take more awesome shots."
Went out with Todd on a photo excursion - all I can say is WOW Within minutes we were looking at a mama moose and her triplets!!! Super shots to say the least. We spent the next couple of hours scoping out some of the most incredible scenery in Alaska. Definitely recommend spend time with Todd - made a lifelong friend and photographs that are awesome.
~Gary Maltsberger
Todd is such a great guy and teacher! I learned so much in the amount of time I spent with him! I couldn't have asked for a better teacher/ mentor. You will greatly enjoy your time with him. 
~Raechel Vecchio
"I joined Todd’s photography tour when my family and I were in Alaska two summers ago. It was very apparent that Todd loved being a tour guide and was passionate about helping others photograph/capture the wildlife and incredible landscape in the area. He knew exactly where to take his clients at any given time of the day. He was very professional and he patiently answered all my questions. When I had trouble with my tripod, he graciously fixed it for me. I cannot thank Todd enough for the wonderful pictures that I took during his tour."
I can’t say enough good things about Todd! One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and a fantastic teacher! He is incredibly patient and explains everything in so much detail. I became very discouraged with my photos and all but gave up on the idea of photography. One day with Todd and I have never been more excited to pick up my camera! I look forward to learning more from him in the future!
In September of 2019 I had the opportunity to take a Photographic Workshop with Todd. This experience was one of the many highlights of that marvelous trip. Todd, two gentlemen from Texas and I set out to photograph some magnificent scenery and Beaver swimming in a lake. Todd was so helpful to me by showing me different ways to access features in my camera, and some composition suggestions that I continue to use today. Todd is a fantastic photographer and I am friends with him on FaceBook and some of his other websites. I highly recommend any of the opportunities he has to offer. You won't be disappointed.
~Judy Evridge
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