The subject is not the beautiful sky, snow streaked mountains or the brilliant reflection.  THE SUBJECT IS ALWAYS THE LIGHT.
  Learning how your camera sees and how to paint with that light enabling you capture your own unique creation is what you'll learn in Todd Whetstine's Nature Photo Workshops.  Whetstine is a top Arkansas and Alaska nature photographer.  
Behind every great photo is a deep driven passion that fueled a fire to seek what it takes to capture that magnificent moment never having to let it go.
If you've got that fire but the buttons on your camera intimidate you?  You're at the right place.  Todd Whetstine WILL help you.  Is there a specific area you need help with?   Learning one on one from a pro is the ultimate learning experience.  Todd's workshops cater to YOUR specific needs.  
Six months a year Todd leads wildlife photo expeditions in the backcountry around Denali National Park.  He feels incredibly blessed to teach, guide and inspire roughly a thousand newbie photographers each year of all ages and from all over the globe.  Everybody gets it.  Absolutely no one gets left behind.
Now through the fall, winter, and early spring Todd will be leading photo workshop/hikes around his home in Chester, AR.  Todd's home sits in close proximity to three of his favorite places on the planet.  Devils Devil, and Lake Ft. Smith State Park as well as Fern Guley are super-stunning locations to hone your skills.   GET OUT THERE!!  
  Photography changed Todd's life.  To pay it forward... He wants to and will help you see the light.  His workshops get you out into some beautiful locations.  You'll never regret your experience as you walk away with so much knowledge that's yours forever.  You'll be surprised how fun it is once you get through the basics.  Todd keeps it fun and light-hearted while keeping it very informative.  
Keeping your gratitude higher than your expectations is the key to an awesome day in the wild!   
Three hour private one on one workshop (best option)  $225
2 people each person  $200
3-4 people each person  $175
Two hour workshop via live video chat  $95
Group/Company Rates contact for details.

A place of your choice is never out of the question.  Let me know what you have in mind.
Two hour workshop via live video chat  $95